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CBD Merchant Account and Payment processing struggles

Most Hemp and CBD eCommerce businesses continue to scramble after being dropped by major merchant payment processors over the last few weeks.  Without  a merchant payment processor, they  cannot complete debit or credit card purchases on their websites. For most all online stores merchant payment processors are a routine step in the online shopping experience. 


The FDA held its first-ever public hearing on how to regulate CBD products in May 2019 

None of the payment processing below are open to CBD processing as of date 


Shopify : 

Shopify do care about where your business is based and if the state is legal to buy said product. ... Unfortunately Stripe doesn't agree with processing CBD oil products and you'll quickly get an email from their investigations team if you start to use them. Shopify recently confirmed this on their community forums.


In the UK it is legal to purchase CBD via PayPal, but because Paypal is governed by US restrictions, PayPal in the UK still classifies CBD as a narcotic making it very risky for CBD companies using PayPal as a payment merchant.


Until very recently CBD was listed as a schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act, meaning Stripe could receive large fines for processing payments for these products. 


The third-party Squarespace payment gateway alternatives for high-risk product sales. Many of you might already know that Squarespace has three main ways of accepting credit card payments for Squarespace merchants. Their official payment integrations include Apple Pay, Stripe, and PayPal. ... Squarespace Shopify ...

so No ! 

we will continue to keep you updated  as of now you can choose to use  Echeck. its secure and pulls payment directly from customer checking account into retailers checking account. Echecks also have recurring payments available .


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  • Jun 06, 2019
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