Click and CBD by Bella Eden, LLC 

clique: an exclusive group of friends, associates, and people that come together by common interests, views, or purpose.  

click: to become suddenly clear or understandable.... 

Welcome to our CBD Click Family

Our Click stands to provide a wealth of information and high quality products for both first time explorers and experienced CBDers . As our industry continues to grow popularity we are committed in keeping you informed. We are here to recommend and provide our ClickFamily with the most up to date products. Lending CBD suggestions on dosage , the science behind CBD and connecting you with new wellness.

Finding the right CBD products for our Click is our mission .

Creating a personal relationship with our Click and providing an education plays a huge role in that. We are dedicated to our ClickFamily . We partner with brands that commit to the highest quality CBD - (full spectrum,broad spectrum , isolate, no pesticides ,Non-GMO,& 3rd party lab tested ,Contains 0.3% THC or Less)


“Ain’t no CBD fresher than our Click!”